Hi folks. I am a songwriter, a musician and photographer. Also a father, brother and husband.

I grew up and went to school in Adelaide but moved away after university. Melbourne was home for about 25 or so years but I now live in Wheatsheaf in the central highlands of Victoria, near Daylesford.

Mainly, I play guitar as part of The Netherby Brothers, with Greg Leon and Andy Vogel but I also play solo.

For a number of years my partner Lee (Merzel) and I have been running “Wax Lyrical”, an open stage style of performance opportunity, on behalf of the Australian Songwriters Association. We have also organised songwriting residential weekends.

Lee and I are also committee members of Folk Victoria.

The Roddy Read Songwriting Competition, which is part of the Maldon Folk Festival is another thing I’m involved with. It is held in November each year and I have been one of the finals judges for the last few years.

Take some time to look around the site and see what we’re up to.

Music has been uploaded to SoundCloud under the name trevorshard.


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